That’s describes my life pretty good right now.

Last week I turned 37 and what do I have to show for it?


My Netvalue?


Two empty bank accounts.

One plundered retirement fund.

An old car – well, actually two cars, but that’s another story.

A small apartment – on which I own the bank almost what it’s worth.

An open tax payment for 2010 – which is nearly exacly the surplus from the apartment.

Where do I live?

Nowhere – which means there is nothing.

I share a loft with my ex-GF, but I’m never there.

Who do I have in my life?


Two days ago my ex-GF “accidently” ripped out my heart,

but that is also another story.


So standing in front of absolutly nothing,

what do I do?

Make plans how to change that.

Follow me on my 7 year trip

  • to go from nothing to millionaire.
  • to fill my life with friends and family.
  • to find joy again.
  • and to make the world a tiny bit better in the progress.


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