More nothing.

You thought yesterdays nothing was all?

Well, you thought wrong.

Yes, I could update yesterdays post,

but I’m trying to get into the groove.

My health?


7 years ago I was an atheltic (hobby) widereceiver.


My arm is in a cast. And I still have to work; Or I would be broke within days.

Since summer 2004 I suffer from a chronic muscle disease in my lower body

resulting in loads of pain – ranging from annoying to “I’d even kill myself to stop it.”


None. Not really anyway.

Spend the last years hopping from job to job and town to town,

loosing contact to most of my friends in the process.

My brain?


My IQ dropped considerably due to some mismedication for above muscle disease.


But there is “something” that is more then “nothing”.

I learned a lot.

I know that I don’t know.

I know that I can achieve everything I choose to.

I learned that I have to be very specific about my goals.

I have absolutly nothing to loose. So I can try almost anything.

There are some limits to what I’m ready to do,

but they are mostly about others.

It’s OK if I will suffer in the process.

If other’s to it’s not.

“Do no harm” has become one of the core principles of my life

and I will stick to it.

I know nothing about what the next 7 years will bring,

but I’m sure it will be a fun ride.

There is nothing that could get worse,

so the only way is up.

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