The plan?

What is the plan?


Would be the easy answer.

The truth is a little more complex.

Yes, if you ask for a written down plan,

that is broken up into achievable milestones,

then the answer is:


If you ask for a rough timeline,

for ideas floating around in my head,

then there actually is a lot of stuff.

The list would probably fill the whole 7 years.

Well, now that’s a plan 😉


Ok. Enough fun.

Let’s dump some brain.

I’m starting from nothing,

I will do everything that I need

to achieve everything that I want.

I will get my finances in order.

I will get my health back in shape. (As much as is possible with an “untreatable, unhealable chronic disease”.)

I will find new friends and rediscover old ones.

I will reconnect with my family.

I will make up with my Ex-GF.

I will have a job I love.

It’s just 7 years, but it all seems very doable.

So what is Step I?

Step I is Month I.

I’ll do this … and maybe more:

  • Get into a regular writing rythm. (3-5 articles per week. And that 5 is a _max_.)
  • Start working on a rough plan for the 7 years. (What will I have achieved after each year?)
  • Fully understand the financial situation I’m in.
  • Get started with my health makeover. (Mostly food input and sports output.)
  • Keep you entertained. (After all, this is not only a log, it should be an enjoyable ride.)

So long … and thanks for all the fish.

(I reduced eating meat a while ago, but I still love fish…)

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