I had planned to write the first “money” post,

but the weekend went a bit different than planned.

Relationships need work.


most relationships start off pretty good,

but after a while

day to day life starts to shine through the cracks in candy land.

When this happens

you can give up

and move on to the next one

(and I have to admit:

I’m guilty of doing this more than once!)

Or you can start working on it.

And when you start working on it

better give it your best.

And half hearted attempt will fail.

And it will fail miserably.

Whatever you do,

the most important thing to remember is:

Work on it together!

You can not fix it alone.

And your partner can neither.

Any attempt to fix a relationship

without getting both partners involved

is doomed from the start.

I was watching the relationship to my GF

go downhill for a long time

and I tried to fix it alone for a long time.

And things only got worse.

When you start working on it:

Be precise and write it down!

****Your partner will not “just understand you”.

If she did, you wouldn’t be in trouble.

Your partner will not “remember that you talked about that”

especially not in the next heated up situation when your brains

shut off.

Write down what you decide to do

and put up the list somewhere where you can look at it.

The inside of your sleeping/dressing room cupboard door

is a very good place.

Nobody will “stumble” onto it,

but you both know it’s there.

I’m in no way a “trained relationship expert”,

but I have lots of first hand experience

and the engineer in me is trained to

recognize patterns.

One thing that I tend to forget,

but which I will keep on my radar this time.

**Consider professional help.


The cost of counseling might look like a no no,

but a divorce costs more (money).

And loosing somebody you love costs even more (heart and soul).

Become happy!

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