Speed Bumps

We all know them.

We all dread them them.

Speed bumps.

****Everything is going to plan.

You have plenty breathing room;

And then out of nowhere:

Speed bump.

****A speed bump is something

that slows you down.

Something that is out of your control.

Sometimes you are able to go around it,

but it costs you momentum.

You can get angry about them.

You can shout at the person who is responsible.

But in the end:

Just live with them.

There is  nothing to be gained by attacking them.

But there is lots to be gained by ignoring them.

Accept that there are speed bumps along the road

and ensure you are not stopped by them,

but other than that:

Just ignore them.


As you might have guessed:

Today was one of those days.

I came into the office

and everything looked excellent.

About 20 more minutes

to finish the last task

and then be done for the week.

Now, 7 hours and about 15 speed bumps later

I’m exactly where I started this morning.

And yes, I got angry … a little.

But in then end I remembered to

calm down.

If you can’t change it,

live with it.


Copyright © 2011-2017: All rights reserved by Andy Seven