Most of us do it wrong.

Well, I did.

When starting anything new it is important

to put time and energy in it

right from the start.

But what’s even more important is

to keep the momentum.

Putting 40 hours into a new project

in the first week will give you

a good start,

but slowing down to a halt

in the second week will get you nowhere.

Putting 2 hours into a new project

in the first week might look like

a total waste of time,

but if you can keep investing

those 2 hours every week

you’ll eventually reach your goal.

Putting in 2 hours every week

(or even better 20 minutes every day)

will get you much further than

putting in 40 hours a week

twice a year.

If you start anything

  • decide to do it or quit right away
  • decide how much time you will invest (at least)
  • write it down where you can read/see it
  • track if you really stick to it
  • if you don’t -> quit it’s just wating time
  • if you do -> think about investing more time

Having dozens or even hundreds of open projects

will ensure just one thing:

You will finish none of them.

__Keeping the momentum on a small number of projects

will ensure that you

_will finish all of them

_ sooner or later.

What is the most important step

on a long road?

  • The first?
  • The last?
  • The one in the middle?

Once you know the answer it’s pretty easy:

The most important step on a long road is

the next step.

If you don’t take the next step

  • all the steps you already made were for nothing
  • none of the steps that would have followed will happen


Keep going.

You will get there!


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