Project One

This wasn’t planned.

But it did happen.

And it is no bad thing at all.

So I’m going to tell you about it.

Well, at least a little. For now.

I always had planned to create

lots of little projects that once

the first version was finished

would generate a little side income

without me needing to do anything more.

This does not mean the

I would abandon them

right after starting,

but that they should be in a shape that

I could abandon them

and they would keep going.

I didn’t have any specific plans,

but I had the firm belief

that I would do it.

Like everything

that you really believe in

the universe came to help me.

****Last week my smartphone

really annoyed me.

It just wouldn’t do

what it was supposed to do.

So I started looking through

the **android market

** to find an **app

** that would solve my problem.

I was ready

to spend serious cash on that,

but I didn’t find

any application

that did what I wanted.

Being an software engineer

for as long as I can remember

there was only one way out:

Just write it myself.

****4 hours (and a lot of google-ing) later

I had the first protoype.

And it did exactly what I wanted.

Most of the code was just

copied together from various

(freely available) tutorials;

And it really didn’t look good,

but it did what I wanted.

****I could have stopped right there,

since I had solved my problem,

but when you stumble over a problem

that has no solution readily available:

Stop. Think. Evaluate.

There are over 35 million android device users.

If only 1 out of 1000

had the same problem I had.

And only 1 out of 1000 of these

would be willing to pay $1

for the solution,

That would still be around $350.

Not bad for  4 hours of work,

that I had done anyway.

I spent last weekend polishing the app

and will spend the next weekend finishing it.

So I invested about 20 hours in total.

And $120 (after tax and google’s cut)

results in only $6 per hour, but

  • I did the work anyway.
  • I learned a lot.
  • It might sell more (a lot more).

We will see how this works out

and I won’t tell you what the app is named

or what it does.

I want to avoid influencing the sales!

But I will keep you updated on what is happening.

I hope it will also help to highlight how some of the techniques,

that I want to explain here, can be used in the real world.


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