Keeping momentum is really important,

but can also be really hard.

You really need to keep track of it

or you will go nowhere.

When keeping track of your momentum you have to ensure that

  • it is easy, so the process doesn’t stop you from doing it
  • you will see it. Without ┬áhaving to think about it.

I’m using the colored dot technique, which I learned when I was young.

It’s very simple.

**Step 1:

** Get some colored dot stickers.


**Step 2:

** Get a year planner and put it on the wall where you will see it every day.

**Step 3:

** Every time you do something that keeps or enhances your momentum

put one of the stickers on the current day of the calendar.


This will give you a direct and passive feedback of how you are doing.

And knowing where you are is a big step of getting to where you want to be.

A few simple things to keep in mind:

  • Do not cheat. You’d only be cheating yourself, gaining nothing.
  • Decide which color to use for what.
  • Make some rules what you need to do to earn a dot.
  • Define some targets, e.g. “I will do three posts to per week.”
  • Place the dots as soon as possible. Try to aim for the same day. If it’s weeks later it might be better to just forget about it. A tight feedback loop is important.

Picture with the calendar is my actual dot calendar for this year.

  • Light green – Exercise. ( 2+ km of jogging or 10+ km of skating or similar. 3+ per week.)
  • Orange – An entry to this blog. (3-5 per week.)
  • Red – Something very personal. Which I just can’t get a grip on. (Daily!)
  • Blue – 30+ minutes work on projects. (Non in the picture, since I just started using them.) (5 days a week.)

I will post an update now and then, so you can see how I’m doing.

I’ll also try to improve the technique and let you know how to optmize it.

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