Losing Momentum

Sometimes you will loose your momentum.

If you are really focused and love what you do you might be able to extend the periods between loosing it, but now and then you will loose your momentum.

Having to finsh up some important work on friday?

Sleep in on saturday and then work in th garden?

Have a nice day out with the family on sunday?

Return to chaos at the office on monday?

And suddenly it’s tuesday and you didn’t do anything for four days in a row.

You weren’t lazy or anything, you just had too much other things to do.

When this happens you need 3 things to get you going again:

Step 1:

Realize that you lost your momentum.

Sounds obvious – doesn’t it?

But how many times did you suddenly realize that you “didn’t go to the gym” for 5 month?

Yes, happened to me too.

The dotted calendar helps to avoid loosing momentum without realizing it.

That’s why it is important to put it somewhere where you will see it every day.

If you intend to look at it or not. It has to sneak up on you.

Passivly. Without you doing anything.

Step 2:

Reevaluate and reinforce you goals and dedication.

Maybe you lost your momentum because you had too many goals.

Or you had the wrong goals.

Or the steps you had planned were the wrong ones.

Don’t take this easy.

It’s OK to quit.

Just don’t quit by default.

Maybe it was just “bad timing”. Just skip to step 3; And reevaluate when you keep loosing your momentum over and over again.

Maybe there were goals that just weren’t for you.

Be careful though: There is a difference between this goal is not for me and I’m to lazy to work it.

Sometimes you might have decided on a plan without knowing anything about the topic.

It’s OK to step back, look at what you learned so far and change the plan.

You don’t just start walking in the perfect direction and arrive at your target without ever turning or correcting your course.

Lots of minor corrections on your way are a good thing!

It might be OK to quit the majority of your tasks.

Just don’t give up on everything at once.


Step 3:

Get going again.

Take one little step.

Do not try to pick up your old momentum. It will not work and you will get frustrated.

Take a single step. Aim for a single dot on your calendar.

And then another.

And another.

You will get back to your old momentum and speed faster than it did initially take, but forcing the issue will lead to frustration and a grinding halt.


The important thing to remember is:

_Keep going.

_ If you stop.

Get going again.

__Sooner or later it will get second nature.

The road is long, but the goal is worth it.

And one day you will look back and say:

I did it!


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