Traveling Checklist

I just came back from a wonderful weekend in Vienna.

It could have been even better if I had remembered to check my traveling checklist before I left:

  1. Passport/ID. Never travel without it.

  2. Creditcard. If you forgot anything you can buy it, if you really need it.

It’s also good to be able to pay for a room or a ticket back home.

  1. Tickets.

  2. Copy (xerox) of the above. Just in case.

  3. Address of your destination on paper. You can store it on your laptop/tablett/phone,

but always have it on paper.

  1. Add the name of the nearest train/subway station for all locations you are visiting.

In case you get lost it’s a lot easier to find your target.

  1. Bring a map. Unless you’ve been there already and know your way.

  2. Make a shortlist of things to do. (e.g. “Best restaurant”, exhibitions, walks…)

Naturally I booked a flight and a hotel and forgot the addresses and maps in the printer at home.

After wandering around town for 2 hours – which was actually quite nice,

I went to the tourist office to fing my hotel,

but didn’t have the address of the event location where I was headed to.

Luckily a good friend was also going there, so a short textmessage later I had the details.

I expected to use the browser on my mobile phone to access all that information,

but data roaming didn’t work in Austria.

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