1 Push-Up a Day


exactly one push-up a day.

Sounds easy?

Well, then just do it.

Starting today, do exactly one push-up every day.

Not five today and none for the next week.

One per day. Every day.

If you already have a daily workout routine:

Add one push-up per day.

****If your daily workout routine already contains push-ups:

Add a one push-up exercise.

No, don’t add 1 push-up to your 50 push-ups and do 51 push-ups.

Add one push-up, somewhere else in your routine.

If you exercise at a gym:

Do one push-up per **day.

Do not use a machine based exercise instead!**

If you can’t do one push-up:

Try one push-up per day.

This is meant as an exercise;

And it might exercise your body (a little),

but this is meant as an exercise for your mind.

Do one push-up per **day.

** Start today.

Never ever stop.

No excuses.

Can’t do your daily push-up because…

… you are on a business trip?

… are visiting your parents?

… have no room?

Come on:

Just one push-up a day. Every day.

****Do it. All excuses are cheap.

I did that for the last two weeks.

My arms hurt a little for the first few days.

I did forget once or twice,

but now it’s almost automatic.

I get out of bed each morning and do my daily push-up.

Results so far?

I feel great satisfaction after doing it each morning

and I’m proud about having remembered.

Gives me a great kick off into the day.


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