August 2011

August is over so it’s time for something new.

The monthly review.

The one important thing that I learned during my time at big blue was

track your progress or you will get lost.

Sounds very simple, but it’s sometimes as easy to forget.

So I am going to do this each month from now on.


****Only 3 posts this month :(

Not as many as I had planned, but I stuck to it and did at least some.

August started off pretty slow with the Twitter post.

I did manage to get the twitter followers from 6 to 66,

without degrading myself to buy followers.

The Fixed vs Flexible was a money related post.

I had it in me for a very long time, but never found the words.

And – I did track my spendings during August,

well I tracked the flexible ones, but that’s a good start.

(More on that further below.)

The 1 Push-Up a Day post was about slowly starting to get my (and your) fitness back.

I did 1 push-up every day for the last three month and it’s starting to pay.

Well, I just realized that I forgot my daily push-up today.

Maybe I should use the Dots to track that too.



****As I said above: August 2011 was the first month where I tracked my flexible spending.

I might have missed a few leaks, but the overall picture should be in the right ballpark.

Well, it doesn’t look too good :(

My felxible spending in August 2011 was: 2061.09 Euro

Yes, that includes the 500 Euro for the Contour+ I had wanted for a long time.

It includes a 340 Euro car repair, which was a total rip off.

And it includes the 300 Euro sponsoring for an art event that I have sponsored for the last four years,

but even 921 Euro are a little bit more than I expected.

I will keep an eye on that and see how it works out.


****I managed to do a little exercising this month, including 1 push-up a day.

I managed to keep an eye on what I eat (more on that in another post).

And I gained 2 kilos (~4.4 pounds), I really hope that’s all muscles.


Write more articles.

Yes, I have quite a few ideas, but I simple don’t follow through with them.

There are some changes upcoming that should help make things easier,

but it will be a while until all that is done.

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