Rock bottom

and a little bit of light.

Last week I received the keys to my new apartment.


if that’s what you want to call 2osqm (220sqft)

spread over 1.5 rooms with a 1.95m (6.4ft) ceiling height.

At least it’s cheap.

The upside is that the internet connection I ordered this week is already up and running.

That should at least give me some extra incentive (and make it easier) to do more regular posts.

Also it’s just a 10 minute walk from where I work and I jst extended my contract by 2 more years.

I still have no reserve at all, but I’m not spending mor than I earn right now and the contract is pretty secure.

Will need a little while to get my new place up to survivable standards, but it’s doable.

Also on the bright side:

My flexible spending in september looks far better than in august.

At least until now.

On the bad side:

Looks like the thing with my ex-girlfriend is really over.

I still want to fight, but I know that I **shouldn’t

** and will only get hurt if I do.


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