Busy moving.

I’m still moving into the new place.

The first room is painted,

but I have no furniture at all.



At first it felt good to be away from all that clutter that I have accumulated,

but then I started to move the stuff “I need” from the old place to the new place.

The result?

The same amount of clutter,

but without cupboards or shelves,

so it’s all spread around boxes… and the floor.

I have to clean out the old room by friday,

so at least the moving part will be done.

I decided to finish at least the sleeping room until the end of october.

To add a little extra motivation:

I won’t buy any news toys until the sleeping room is 100% done.

We’ll see how that works out.

On the downside – at least for you:

I decided to slow this blog down a little bit,

until I have finished the move.

So just 2 or 3 updates a month until the end of November.

We will see.



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