September 2011

September is over and also I wanted to do this so much on the first off the month

I jst had to push it a litte to do it right.


****Only 3 posts in september.

As little as in august, but even lower quality.

After hitting rock bottom I was busy moving to the new appartment.

My dots stayed at the old place for the better part of the month,

but in the end I had my dots again.

In all that moving chaos I even failed to do my daily push-up.


The month started off pretty good, but in the end I failed miserably.

My flexible spending in september 2011 was: 2575.00 Euro

That includes a 250 Euro weekend trip to Berlin which had been planned for a long time and was great fun.

It also includes a 1000 Euro downpayment on my ex-girlfriends car.

I don’t really need it, but I’m partly responsible for her being stuck with it,

so I agreed to take it off her hands.

And it’s actually not a that bad ┬ádeal.

It’s only that I already have a car and I need none.

Also included is around 500 Euro in paint and furniture and stuff for the new place.

That leaves me with around 750 Euro of flexible spending, which is what I aim for,

but just didn’t achieve so far.

I will keep a closer look on my spending and try to keep it low in october.

No excuses.


What can I say.

Didn’t do my daily push-up.

Didn’t start running again.

Did a lot of skating.

And gained another 2 kilos (~4.4 pounds).

I’m starting to get concerned about my weight.


Take a closer look at my eating behaviour.

Write more (and better) posts.

Skip all the lame excuses.



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