October 2011

October is over and I’m running a little late with this monthly summary.


Only 2 posts this month

and a few micro updates.

I was/am still settling into the new place,

but managed to start off with a pretty strong post on Rules & Guidelines

on which I still owe you my list of rules.

The other post was the kickoff to the Song Of The Day which started with 2011.

And apart from a short forced vacation is still going strong.

Part of The Song Of The Day theme is the Album Of The Week.


The month started terrible and in the in failed miserably (again).

The total flexible spending was: 2128.30 Euro

This includes around 500 Euro for the new place (shelves, paint and other materials).

A 150 Euro trip to Berlin. (Yes, again.)

And over 700 Euro for an iPhone 4S.

(Which had been planned for a long time and became available for preorder on the ay my android phone died.)

It was a big investment, but I didn’t regret it a single day.

And I promised myself to not upgrade it until iPhone 6 comes out.

Also out of pure frustration about loosing my current project

I bought myself a 100 Euro watch.

So the “planned” flexible spending was around 700 Euro, which is within the allowed range.


Didn’t do my daily push-up,

but did daily crunches.

(Up to 50 at the moment.)

Lost about 5kg this (10 pound) this month.


Write more.

Keep the song of the day up and running.

Get back into doing my Dots again.

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