As you might have already guessed by the lack of updates

I’m going to a very hard personal crisis right now.

My project was scrapped.

My client wants to keep me on his team

and found some “other things” to do,

while they are trying to find a new publisher for the old project,

but these “other things” are just not satisfying at all.

I have a pretty decent offer on the table,

but I’d have to move 400km;

And I just fixed up the new flat here.

Lost a lot of sleep over this during the past few weeks.

Not sure what to do.

Stay here, do “boring” work and wait for the big project coming up?

Or go, leave everything behind, get (a lot) more money,

but also leave the games industry?

I made more than one pro-contra-comparison-list,

but the result is always 5050.

In the end it’s just a coin toss;

And if nothing relevant happens during the next few days,

that’s what I might end up doing.

Tossing a coin.

I’m a strong proponent of making good (and exact) decissions,

but this is just so hard.

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