November 2011


Only 1 post in November.

Had a big crisis that month,

I guess that explains it all.

Absolute demotivation.

Back to nothing.

The Song Of The Day and Album Of The Week became a victim of that.


Renewed my iOS-Developer-License,

bought a lot of stuff for the old place (aka “where the Ex-GF lives”).

Spend a few really cool days in Berlin.

And managed to keep the flexible spending at 1337 (cool number BTW).

Ok, you might want to add the 2000 Euro I spent on the old “family car”,

buying it free in a last goodwill action twowards the Ex.

And maybe the 4000 Euro she borrowed from me to pay off the bank.

(I really hope to get that back!)

What really is showing is:

a) The tracking method is not optimal. It’s easy to implement, but as a software developer I should be able to do better.

b) I need closer tracking. Tighter feedback loop. Maybe even some moving averages.

Didn’t do my daily push-up,

but did daily crunches.

(Up to 70 at the moment.)

And a few push-ups (about 5) now and then.


Not a lot.

Decide on where to work.

Do my taxes, which are due by the end of the month.

Check if I find the time to improve my money tracking tools.

Enjoy a two week vacation!

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