December 2011


Not a single post in December :(

My private live didn’t improve at all.

The job started to really suck.

But I’m slowly starting to crawl out from under this mess.

Managed to get moved to a new project in January.

Squeezed in a week of snowboarding right before christmas.

Finally decided to give up the shared loft with my ex-girlfriend.

(This wis hurting a lot right now and will do for a while,

but in the long run it’s for the better.)


One week of snowboarding.

A really huge xmas present for my ex.

The usual New Years Art Event sponsoring.

Actually bought some cool stuff for myself.

(Games and Toys.)

And my flexible spending was just 2600.

Considering the vacation, the present and the sponsoring were 1700

that isn’t to bad at all.

Will do better in January.

(Come on, we all know December is expensive.)

On the (really) good side:

Got rid of one of my cars. (Fixed cost around 100/month.)

Changed the insurance of the other car. (Fixed cost down by around 100/month.)

So that’s a reduction of 200Euro/month starting now!


Getting rid of the shared loft will probably save me up to 800 Euro/month,

starting from Febuary.

Not sure about the shop yet, will have a talk with the landlord later.

(But that’s another 700 Euro in fixed costs per month.)

All in all that might sum up to a reduction of nearly 2000 Euro per month.

(It might as well be only 1000, but that’s still a lot.)


Improve the money-/flexible spending- tracking. (I got a pretty solid idea for this one, I just have to do it.)

Really reduce the flexible spending. (No excuses, e.g. “but it’s xmas”.)

Work more on my projects,

while reducing the overall number of project.

(One thing at a time!)

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