January 2012


Zero. Yes, just a single post,

but an important one.

Reducing to the absolute minimum.

I have two more posts (Zero Plus and One) “almost” ready,

but not just yet.

On the plus side the new project I started on (at work) is really cool and enjoyable.

I left the loft I shared with my ex-girlfriend early in january

and never went back.

Which I’ll have to do sometime this month,

to clean out my room.


The month started really good.

I stayed under the 500 Euro mark until the 24th.

It went up to 929 in the end,

but that included…

… 2 birthday presents

… a fully repaired car

… new shelves for my flat.

All in all not too bad.

I also talked to the landlord,

so I’m officially out of the loft as of NOW.

I’ll be out of the shop by July (stupid contract).


Still planing to improve my flexible spending tracking,

but Zero is more important and the tracking is working ok as it is.

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