February 2012


Zero plus. Yes, again, just a single post, but almost as important as the one last month, too bad I didn’t follow through with that yet.

The other one called one is still open.


Spend a lot of money on music (mostly iTunes tracks) and another big batch on renovation stuff. (Shelves, paint, etc)

But I managed to keep my flexible spending to just 1719.03. One problem was that I was really sloppy this month with my tracking, so I’m not entirely sure that I didn’t miss something big.


At the beginning of the month I had a total mental breakdown. Which was pretty hard for a few days, but afterwards I began to feel real good.

Actually I feel a lot better than I can remember for a few years at least.

Might also have something to do with a new person slowly entering my live, but that’s a different story.


Improve the money-/flexible spending- tracking.

Work on the markdown integration into wordpress, since the article flow is really annoying.


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