Yes, “love” is just another word for “nothing”,

but sometimes it means so much more.

I had the gut feeling that I fell in love

for a few weeks now,

but I never was sure.

The gazillions of text messages we send each other all the time.

The quick (1 hour) phone calls during our lunchbreaks.

The weekend that was ripped straight out of an indian love movie.

The physical pain I feel when she’s not with me.

The total trust I have in her.

The deep understanding we have for each other.

She is soft and cute and smart and friendly and warm

and has just the right amount of sharp edges to never be boring.

All that should have been very obvious signs,

but after all I have been through

I needed to be extra sure.

I Love Her.

I can’t tell her.

At least not yet,

but one day I will show her this post.

I Love You!

Things are a little complicated right now,

but I have no reason to give up

and if it takes some time to be with her

that’s ok.

I didn’t want anybody in my live for a while,

so it’s actually helpful that we can’t be together right now.

Even if it hurts a little now.

It will be good … sometime.

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