Breakdown II

Guess once the ball stopped rolling

it stopped rolling

and is very hard to get going again.

The before I forget it here is the (ugly) brief on the last two month.

Flexible spending in March: 2717.50,

but my confidence in the acuracy of my tracking is near zero.

Flexible spending in April: I don’t have a clue.

I started tracking again last week,

but I already know that I missed some stuff.

On the bright side:

I started working as a DJ again

and the first gig at a local club went really smooth.

A lot of the flexible spending in march was related to

buying new equiment

and buying new music (CDs and iTunes).

Managed to squeeze two weeks of vacation around easter,

but calling that vacation is really far fetched.

At the end of April I managed to clean out the loft

that I had shared with my ex-girlfriend,

so that’s one thing crossed off my list.

Last weekend she “dumped” our/her dog on me.

So now I’m stuck with a adorable crossbreed.

Unfortunatly that crushed all my renovation

and job search plans.

Well, the current project is on schedule,

so I hope they are going to keep me around for another round.


So what did I learn from all this?

Instead of postponing something to do it right,

do it and see how you can improve on it.

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