Under a pile of …

While I’ve been trying really hard to get everything back under control

the junk just keeps coming.

I was totally buried under a pile of junk.

Cleaning out the old loft.

Cleaning out the old shop/office/storage.

Renovating the new flat to make it live-able. (This alone is enough for a separate post.)

Finishing the current project, to stop my customer breathing down my neck.

Helping “the startup” as much as I can, to ensure they can launch in june.

Finding a new customer, so I can still pay my rent when this project is finished.

Trying to keep my personal sociosphere from exploding.

And since things couldn’t get possible anymore complicated:

I’m broke and my flexible spending is totally out of control.


if things go bad, there os only one thing to do:

Fight harder.

Managed to get out of the loft just in time.

The old shop/office/storage is nearly empty.

(If it was a little bit closer than 200km it would be done by now.)

I’m about 50% done with my new place.

Both projects (current customer and startup) are in more than perfect shape.

Got three leads on new projects. Nothing exceptional, but promising.

My sociosphere is on suspend,

but I’ll work that out later.

And my flexible spending?

Well, At least I know that I got a problem,

And realizing you have a problem is already half the solution.

Gonna keep fighting

and everything will work out.

I can do it.

And so can you!

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