November 2011



I have a pretty good outline on a post abput “Fear”,

but it’s nowhere near to ready :(


Managed t keep my spending under control.

Flexible spending was 1124.34.

Weeks were: 315, 222(.22 – really), 406, 193 and 138.

Which is still a little on the high side, but still ok.

I paid nearly 300 for a new printer,

which I needed to prepare my taxes.

And I had a four day “vacation”.

I also managed to get a (cheap) credit which allowed me to pay off all my tax debt :)

So on November 28th I was (tax) debt free. For the first time in 6 years.

Another month or two and I would have been able to pay of the credit

and to finally save some money for bad times.

But, as things started to look good,

they went downhill.

The company a freelance for told me they went bancrupt;

And they might not be able to pay for the last two month :(

So, all bank accounts overdrawn to the max (to pay of the tax debt).

No income for two month.

Almost no chance of acquiring a new customer before late january – due to this thing called christmas.

And about 10 bucks in my pocket.

Will be hard to survive.

The old customers ‘promised’ to ‘try’ to pay at least for October,

but I’ll have to wait a week or two.

Will see how I’ll survive this month.


The improved flexible spending tracking is really helpful,

so i won’t invest any time right now to improve that any further.

I should start with fixed spending tracking,

but don’t know yet ‘how’.


Somehow survive this month

and acquire new work as soon as possible.

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