December 2012



The idea for the “Fear” post is growing stronger,

but it’s still not written yet :(


Totally lost control of my spending.

Flexible spending was 2473.08.

Weeks were: 182, 163, 268, 1189, 768.

Considering that I did no paid work this month

that was far too high.

I spent around 1200 for a new (Windows 8) Notebook

for a new project, but I’ll drop that project next week.

(More on that below.)

I had to buy some christmas presents, but not a lot.

I did the usual “art party” sponsoring.

I got paid for the two open month from the last contract,

but not a lot of this money is left :(

I survived this month, but I’m not sure yet how to survive the next one.

New job starts in February, so money will be coming in again in March.

I hope.


All in all I applied for 11 jobs.

I ended up going to 9 interviews. (Cancelled the other two, because they just weren’t right.)

Got contract drafts for 7 of them, the other two were just too low.

In the end I considered 4 of them.

Would have loved to do all of them, but no way to clone myself.

Got 2 left at the moment, but kind of agreed on one.

The other one might make me a multimillionaire two years down the road,

but something makes me prefer the other (other) one.

Will see.


Survive another month.

Get preprared to move.

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