Changes and a hard time

At the end of November I “lost” my old job.

I spent most of December hunting for a new job.

Last thursday I started a new job.

The new job is very good.

It’s in a town I really like;

And the salary is so good that I should be able to life comfortably from it.

The problem?

No income for the last two month.

Paying double rent for a while.

The deposit for the new flat (in the new city).

Paying the movers. Moving ~550km (~340 miles) isn’t that easy.

In December I had to pay for my yearly train ticket (and used two credit cards to soften impact.)

And there is still some open tax for 2012.

And to make things even worse: I’ll get my first payment by the end of Febuary :(

By a very rough estimate I should be able to squeeze by,

but it will be very tight.

If anything goes wrong I won’t have any way to handle that.

On the plus side:

If I survive till the end of March – I will be in a pretty good state.

The new place has a spare room that I can use as an office, so getting my paperwork in order should be a lot easier (or actually: possible).

The pressure finally made me look into my fixed payments a little. Still not good, but a start.

Cross your fingers!

Jumping from a bridge in front of a train while shooting myself is still an option.

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