March 2013


And another month with just a single post on being


Or should I say another month with a post?!


The confidence in my flexible tracking in march is very high.

Unfortunatly the flexible spending was also very high 1978.48.

Weeks were: 122, 860, 722, 149, 192.

I spent quite some money on the new flat again,

including a washing machine and some Ikea kitchen cabinets.

The other big item was a notebook for my sister.

She started university last year and I had promised for years to ensure she has a computer to work on.

Fixed spending was 3012

Post tax income was 5602 (including the employers part of social insurances).

So this month resulted in an overall plus ov 612.

Not bad, but I’m still recovering from December and January

with no income at all.


Finally managed to visit the doctor:

double pneumonia

But I feel a lot better now.


Survive another month.

Further improve the new place.

Tell you about the current state of all my debts. :(

Get my life sorted out.

Reduce flexible spending.

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