April 2013



more than one post.

At first The end was near,

but then I decided to Play

and even promised you to elaborate a little bit on goals.


Confidence in my flexibale tracking is again very high.

I didn’t meet my goal of staying below 1000, but I nearly made it.

Flexible spending in May was 1114.69.

Weeks were: 404, 337, 114, 167, 90.

The month started off bad (at least spending wise),

with a big (aka >200) hotel bill on the first day.

I had spent the last days of March (aka Easter) in a Hotel to party with some friends.

Then I bought some clothes, which very overdue and on sale, so not too bad actually.

And I bought some festival tickets for May. I’ve been to this festival for nearly twenty years in a row,

so it wasn’t even a real choice. I just had to go.

Add a little bit of patying and a kitchen sink (including the faucet and tools to install it)

and you end up slightly above my goal.

Too bad I can already see that May won’t be much better.

On the upside: I spent 800 less than the month before.

Fixed spending was 3300 including some quarterly insurance payments.

Post tax income was 5336 (including the employers part of social insurances).

So this month resulted in an overall plus of 920.

Overall the balance for the year is already above zero,

but I still have to pay off last year.

I should really show you the big chart some day.


With my health being better and me getting settled into the new job

things start to look a little brighter.


Survive yet another month.

Further improve the new place. (A fridge would be nice.)

Tell you about the current state of all my debts. :(

Get my life sorted out.

Keep flexible spending low.

Write more posts.

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