Goals – 1: Have a Goal

As trivial as it may sound – the most important thing about goals is:

Have a Goal.

If you take all your energy and focus and try to get somewhere you can be pretty sure that you will never arrive.

You might even reach the place where you were going to, but you won’t know.

The path can be a goal, but usually the destination is your goal.

It can be fun to “just go for a walk”, but then the path is your defined goal.

When “working hard to get rich” the “working hard” could be enjoyable, but your goal is the “get rich” part.

Go on, have a goal right now.

No need to make it to specific, we’ll do that later. For now just have a goal. Anything. Just want it.

How about:

  • A 4 day workweek.
  • A dozen adorable grandchildren.
  • A charming wife.
  • Being a Rockstar.
  • Winning a marathon.

Whatever it is: Just have it.

Write it down (which is step 2, but we’ll get into that) and keep it where you can see it, we will need it later.

I’ll spend some time this weekend to think about my goals and will show them to you when I’m done.

(Note: This is part of the Goals series.)

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