Two Years

Two years ago I started to take you along for the ride of my life.

I had absolutly nothing.

No place to live. No friends. No girlfriend. No money. And a whole lot of debt.

But there was more, well more nothing.

My health was a cruel state of pain and I had to work with my arm in a cast or risk going bankrupt.

On the upside – I did know that I didn’t knowand I wanted to end that misery.

At least I had a plan.

  • Get my financials in order.
  • Improve my physical state.
  • Find new (and old) friends.
  • Make up with my ex-GF.
  • Get the job of my dreams.

… and keep you entertained along the ride.

Then what happened during these two years?

I spend less (since Wealth is just Earning minus Spending), that worked quite well and resulted first in flexible spending tracking and (much) later in fixed spending tracking.

I’m still far away from good, but I managed to get out of “really bad”.

Project One was a smart idea to make some (well, a little) quick money. It didn’t work out.

I gained and lost momentum, but in so far I think I managed to survive the speed bumps along the way.

There were some very dark moments when I really considered to give up, but in the end life is more valuable than everything else.

I was on a pretty good track using my dots method, but never regained the momentum I lost when I moved and didn’t see my dots for three weeks.

There was a crisis, when my project got cancelled and I lost my only customer,
but I recovered stronger, just to be kicked out after the very successful end of that project.

I went down to zero and the back to one,
but didn’t manage to keep going.

Just recently the end was near,
but playing helped me survive.

Two weeks ago I started to write about the importance of goals,
which made me realize that I should take a bit more care in keeping an eye on my goals.

So where do I stand now?

I have a good job; And that should help me to finally pay off all my debt – if I survive the next few month.

I have a lot of friends. My birthdayparty last week was huge. Problem is: Most of these friends are in the old city – about 600km/400miles away from where I live and work now.

I have, well, had some kind of girlfriend. (We just had a talk deciding friends is better – for now.)

I live in a new flat – which has plenty of space and I’m slowly settling in.

My health is still as bad as it was, but my fitness increased a lot, even with a broken foot which kind of set me back a little.

So what will year three bring?

More stability. Finally getting rid of all that old shit that kept me down.
I’m aiming for a solid base to start huge and amazing things from.

Come back to keep tabs on what I’m up to.

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