Goals – 2: Write down your goals

Having goals is a very good first step,

but step 2 is even more important:

Write down your goals!

Why should you?

Over time you will have more than one goal.

Some goals might be achieved in a week or two,

but others might take years and you will forget the details.

You will also simply forget goals,

so write them down and put them where you will find them

and remember to look at them!

Writing down your goals will also help you to think about what exactly they are.

“I want to be rich!” is not a goal. It’s a dream.

“I want to have 1 Million Dollar in my account and live off the interest before I turn 40!” is a goal.

Always make sure you can measure your goals!

And once you reached them make sure you realize you reached them.

I always put a big box next to my goals and it’s so satisfying to tick it with a big fat cross when I achieved it.

Take your goals from step 1 and write them down.

My goals? Right now?

  • Have all my debt paid off before I turn 40.
  • Have a 3 kids before I turn 50.
  • Have my new flat finished by december, so I can invite my friends for a nice (non-)xmas-party without being ashamed of how I live.
  • Write at least 3 meaningful posts for this blog every month for at least six month.

    (When I have achieved that I plan to increase the number ;).)

  • Read at least one book every month for the rest of the year.

    (I used to read 1-2 books every week, but somehow I stopped.)

  • Keep track of all my spending.

    (I already do that, but it’s something I don’t want to stop, ever. Or at least until I’m so stable that my spending doesn’t matter anymore.)

Write down your goals. Do it now!

Keep them. Know them. Reach them!

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