June 2013


This month was superbusy,

so I didn’t manage to write any post :(


I nearly made it.

Flexible spending in May was 1077.62.

Weeks were: 79, 127, 544, 193, 131.

The month started very low

with a huge gas refill in the first week,

but not much else.

The biggest part was about 400 spent at IKEA for kitchen cabinets – on the plus side: The kitchen is slowly nearing the completet status.

The rest of the month was normal (and on budget).

Fixed spending was 3600 which simply is to high, I have to get that under control if I ever want to retire.

Post tax income was 5336 (including the employers part of social insurances).

So this month resulted in an overall plus of 705.

Last years debt is finally paid off, so I can get into this years saving.

The big debt chart still looks pretty horrbile, but I’m getting close to moving the bottom line.


Another month another girl?

Not sure what I’m getting myself into, but it sure will be an interesting story … when it is over.


Pay back my brother. At least a little.

Fridge is ordered, so the kitchen is “almost” done.

Still need to tell you about my overall debt.

Keep flexible spending low!

Write more posts! Or is that write any post?!

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