The universe hates me


the universe is always fair, so I guess I deserved what I got.

So far this month has been fully on track – even leaving a bit of flexible spending for fun.

And then it happened.

While cleaning out my storage room in one city and moving stuff into the basement of my new flat

my car broke down.

Looks like it will be expensive.

The only reason I still have this car?

Make moving all my stuff to the new city easier.

The only reason I used this car for moving this weekend?

Because I have it. Renting a car for the one way trip would actually have cost the same.

(If I ignore insurance and tax on my car.)

So now I have to get it fixed before I can finish the move.

Just to sell it as soon as possible.

I never wanted this car.

It was a leftover from the shop I had with my Ex-GF and I somehow inherited it.

Well, I will survive.

Just not this month.


Update 1:

The first garage gave up on the repair with a simple “sorry”.

At least they didn’t charge anything.

Now my car is stuck there and I somehow have to get it to garage number two – without spending a fortune.

Update 2:

The second garage gave me an estimate of about 2000,

but after some bartering they did a marvelous patch-up-job for 200.


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