September 2013


One, about the universe hating me. Which I forgot to update.

It was a horrible month, but I still owe you the post about my fixed spending idea.


I failed.

I failed big time,

but there was a very good reason.

Flexible spending in May was 1542.68.

Weeks were: 175, 341, 226, 643, 143.

The month started ok.

I even managed to buy a used laser-color printer of ebay for 10 plus 40 for 4 new toner cartriges.

I started emptying out my old storage room,

which lead to around 200 in fuel costs

and a broken car.

Getting the car towed and fixed cost around 400.

For the second trip I had to rent a car

which lead to another 200 (including fuel).

So considering that the moving will reduce my fixed spending (once it is done)

and nobody could have anticipated that the car breaks down

I think this was a good month.

After all I just spend around 700 in “stuff”.

Fixed spending was 3500 which is not good, but includes some quarterly insurance payments. (Mostly for the broken car.)

Post tax income was 5336 (including the employers part of social insurances).

So this month resulted in an overall plus of 328.

If a really horrible month still leaves me on the good side of zero things are starting to look ok.

I almost paid my brother back everything I owe him and will pay off the final part by next month.

The debt chart is still clinging to the bottom, but it’s not going further down.


Managed to sort some of the “women” things.


Pay back my brother. The final part.

Start renovating my flat. Aka start making it livable.

Still need to tell you about my overall debt.

Keep flexible spending under 1000.

Reduce fixed spending.

Write some posts!

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