-10% Fixed Spending

A while ago I decided to improve my cash flow and thought about how to do that.

I know that my monthly fixed spending is pretty high, so I decided to start there.

Currently my fixed spending is around 3000€/month.

My goal is to reduce that by 10% until the end of november 2013.

To achieve this I can:

  • Cancel all subscriptions that I don’t need, but always was to lazy to do so.
  • Empty out my storage room and cancel it — there should be plenty of space in my new basement.
  • Optimize all contracts that I can easily change.

An alternative to this goal is to increase my income by 10%,

but I don’t believe I stand any chance of doing that;

And reducing spending is always better than increasing income.

If I manage to reach that goal I will allow myself to buy the big TV set for the living room that I want as a non-xmas-present.



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