October 2013


One, about reducing my fixed spending.

It was a bad month, but I managed to make some preparations that should help in the future. In the very near future!


I failed.

Again with good reasons, but never the less, I failed.

Flexible spending in May was 1904.88.

Weeks were: 568, 343, 347, 501, 147.

The month started very expensive, but I finally got some floor and a closet in my bedroom.

I extended my OSX-Developer-License which I’m not sure will ever pay back, but at least I learn some things.

Another big item was the rental car — again, but the storage room is empty and the contract canceled, which will save me over 200 per month — starting in November.

In the last week I finally managed to buy some new shoes and a warm winter jacket. Planned and needed expenses, but paid for with money I don’t have.

Apart from the big items my small spending is under control,

but it’s the big stuff that keeps breaking the bank.

Fixed spending was 3170 which is still not good, but be better next month due to the cancelled storage.

Post tax income was 5336 (including the employers part of social insurances).

So this month resulted in an overall plus of 243.

So another really costly month that resulted in a net gain. Not really bad.

Still have to payback the loan from my brother, but that will also be settled this month.



Don’t you get tired of this?


Stay low. Don’t overspend. December will be expensive.

Still need to tell you about my overall debt.

Further reduce fixed spending.

Do my taxes for 2012.

Write some posts!

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