November 2013


None, I have one about titled “Home” almost ready, but I don’t find the perfect words.


I didn’t fail.

Really, I didn’t. This month was ok. Even good.

Flexible spending in November was 1039.47.

Weeks were: 268, 141, 490, 41, 97.

The month started really bad.

I lost 53 while being out partying.

My chart didn’t look good after extrapolating this huge spending.

I spend a lot on finishing my bedroom, including some cabinets and a new mattress,

but apart from some doors and drawers it is done.

In the end I manged to almost hit my “below 1000 per month” target.

Fixed spending was 3006 which is slowly moving in the right direction.

I only have about 100 per month of “easy to kill” fixed spending.

Anything more will be a major hassle.

Post tax income was 5336 (including the employers part of social insurances).

So this month resulted in an overall plus of 1265.

If I manage to keep my spending at this level I’ll be out of debt in about 7 years.

Maybe even faster if I increase my income a little and receive a bonus now and then.


My job is slowly driving me crazy, but I didn’t have a real vacation for quite a while, so I hope that will be a little better next year.

If I survive december that is.

I managed to do my taxes for 2012.


Stay low. Don’t overspend. December will be expensive, but that is planned.

Still need to tell you about my overall debt.

Further reduce fixed spending – a little. I’m almost where I want to be.

Do my taxes for 2012.

Write some posts!

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