December 2013


None, I have 4 or 5 post almost ready, but nothing to show yet … again.


I didn’t fail.

I spent a lot, but I didn’t fail.

I failed at tracking. With my first vacation in over a year I got a bit sidetracked and simply forgot to log my spending.

Flexible spending in December was around 1500.

Weeks were: ?

The month included some christmas presents, a week of snowboarding and another donation/sponsoring.

I also failed at updating my debt chart, so I can only guess how bad it looks.

Fixed spending was 3626 which was almost expected as December is the month of a lot of yearly bills;

And I updated my Bahncard to monthly direct debit instead of a yearly payment.

Post tax income was 5336 (including the employers part of social insurances).

So this month resulted in an overall minus of around 200.

Not to bad for December.

Still looks like I’ll be out of debt by 2020. Not considering bonuses and pay rises.


The free time during my vacation gave me some time to think about my life and this doesn’t look good.

  • The job is slowly killing me, but I will force some changes this month
  • The (non-)girlfriend situation isn’t healthy, not for me and especially not for her, so I finally made an end to that
  • The money situation is a joke. I have one of the highest incomes in this country and still can only crawl out of debt slowly. This needs to improve.


Stay very low. Don’t spend. Don’t spend at all. January should be easy.

Still need to tell you about my overall debt.

Further reduce fixed spending – a little. I’m almost where I want to be.

Write some posts!

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