Back in the saddle?

So how do I get back into the saddle again?

Back into life?

  • It will take time – they say.
  • A year, maybe two – they say.

But I don’t want to spent a year or two doing “nothing”.

I don’t want to loose a year or two of my life.

  • Create a daily routine and stick to it – they say.

But I always loved my spontanity.

I think it’s one of my biggest upsides.

  • Move to a place, stay there and grow roots – they say.

But that has never been my way of life.

I love moving to new places. Meeting new people. Scouting new territories.

  • Take you medication and you will be happier – they say.

But there is nothing broken with my body, at least not on a physical level.

So why further mess up my (chemical) balance?

I can pull out of this by pure willpower. Just like I always did.

  • Stop doing what you always did and do it like the others do – they say.

But I am different. Being different always got me straight to the top.

Why become like all the others?

This would just destroy who I am.

And there is absolutly no proof that that will actually do anything good,

apart from making some doctors and therapists feel smuck about them.

  • So what can I do?
  • What should I do?
  • What will I do?

I have never been this close to getting out of the mess my life was.

  • I won’t fail now – just short of having fixed everything.
  • I will stay strong.
  • I will do this.

And then I’ll be stronger than ever before.

And I’ll be so much stronger than almost everybody else.

You have to hit – your personal – rock bottom … to make it to the sky.

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