I am homeless.

No, that doesn’t mean I live on the street,

but I don’t have a home right now.

I gave up my flat in Berlin.

I gave up my flat in Frankfurt.

I moved all of my stuff to my old room at my parents house,

but I don’t really live there.

I have a new job coming up next month,

but I won’t get a real home there.

Just a room too sleep in.

How does this feel?

Actually pretty good.

I always tried to settle.

I tried to grow roots.

But in the end it just wasn’t right for me.

It feels so liberating to free myself from all that dead weight.

There is still a little bit of stuff left,

but mostly I’m aready to live out of a backpack (for my gadgets)

and a suitcase (for my clothes).

Paperwork will be a nightmare for the next few month,

but I look forward to finally have myself rid of that lifestyle.

I am free!

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