November 2014



None at all.


It was my 7 years halftime and I didn’t manage to write a single post.


I overspent,

but at least I managed to track my flexible spending.

Flexible spending in November was 1662.92.

Weeks were: 634, 307, 444, 178

I paid over 600 for flight tickets, including some for December.

Over 250 on the new flat. Mostly DIY stuff like wood, screws, nails, etc. I just had to build my “sleeping area”.

I paid ~250 for my therapy.

There were some mini-vacations when I visited my girlfriend, costs were mostly cabs and food.

All in all not too bad,

but I won’t be able to afford that much starting next year.


The new job in Helsinki is good.

I still haven’t settled in though,

but then I’m here for the job.

My health is currently kind of stable – on a very good level.


Better tracking.

Less spending.

Fix the fixed spending tracking too.

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