While the situation is becoming better every day there are still a lot of places where you can’t pay with bitcoin.

Carrying around cash is neither safe nor comfortable.

Using a (bitcoin backed) credit card solves that problem.

There are a handful of services where you can get a bitcoin backed credit card - virtual and physical.

I used Cryptopay exclusively for the past 3 month and never had a problem. I payed hotels, bought dinner, booked flights and even ordered a few books from Amazon.

The upside of simple and cheap virtual debit cards is that you can just create a new one for a site/merchant you don’t fully trust - yet; And just load the amount you want to spent. No possibility to get stolen what is not there.

And you’ll instantly see which merchant is the bad guy, since nobody else knew about that card.

Checkout Cryptopay

(You’ll get a 25% discount on your Debit Card if you sign up using that link.)

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