Song Of The Day – 2011

November 13th:

StingEnglishman in New York [rock]

Released 1988.

From this weeks album of the week.

November 12th:

R.E.M.It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) [Alternative]

Released 1991.

November 11th:

Melissa EtheridgeLike The Way I Do [Rock]

Released 1988.

November 10th:

MartikaToy Soldiers (Japanese Version) [New Wave]

Released 1989.

This song kept Madonna’s Express Yourself from the #1 spot on the billboard charts.

November 9th:

StyxMr. Roboto [Synth Pop]

Released 1983

“(Forced) Vacation” from October 27th to November 8th.

I could have easily backfilled those two weeks,

but I don’t like cheating.

October 2011:

October 26th:

Paul YoungCome Back And Stay [Pop]

Released 1983

October 25th:

WolfsheimOnce In A Lifetime[Dark Wave]

Released 1998.

October 24th:

The Icicle WorksLittle Girl Lost[New Wave]

Released 1988.

Hearing this song again really made me wonder what Ian McNabb is up to today.

October 23rd:

a-haCrying In The Rain[Pop]

Released 1990.

From this weeks album of the week.

Original by the Everly Brothers.

(Not to be confused with the Whitesnake song with the same name.)

October 22nd:

UltravoxSleepwalk[New Wave]

Released 1980.

The first Ultravox single with Midge Ure.

October 21st:

B MovieNowhere Girl[New Romantic]

Released in 1982.

The legendary webcomic Nowhere Girl was named after this.

October 20th:

The Human LeagueTogether In Electric Dreams[New Wave]

Released in 1984.

I must admit I was looking for “Giorgio Moroder”,

since I had first heard it when seeing “Electric Dreams”

and I actually took the time to read the credits and find the composer

after liking the track so much.

Didn’t know that Philip Oakey (the frontman of The Human League) worked together with Giorgio Moroder.

Still love this song today.

October 19th:

Siouxsie And The Banshees – **Happy House

** [Post Punk]

Released in March 1980.

The reggae drums and very distinct guitar didn’t sound like Siouxsie And The Banshees at all – back then, but if you look at them after this song (and the whole Kaleidoscope album) it’s what makes them special.

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