Some decisions are easy.
Some decisions are hard.
A few decisions are very hard.
And now and then a decisions feels imposible to make.

And then, once it is made things start to become very clear.

“I quit”

That’s what I told my boss and then my company 3 weeks ago.

It was a long and hard process to finally get to that point,
but right afterwards things started to happen.

and then

My private live started to drastically improve.

Had some very nice chats,
a few dates, and … well, that might be for another post.

My financials started to clear up.
Even got an unexpected tax return for 2014.

And I got quite a few job offers.

decisions again

I’m currently collecting and finalising all new job offers.
The plan is to finish this by the end of the week
and then take the weekend to make my decision.

It won’t be easy.
5-7 really good jobs
in 5 different cities on 3 continents
with different teams,
different roles,
and very different job descriptions
and roles.

It’s like comparing Apples to Oranges;
Or more like
comparing Apples to Cars.

We will see what the future brings.

All I know is:
Once that decision is made things will become very clear.

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