November 2016



None, apart from the October 2016 status update which was a bit late last month.


Another month without any tracking. On the upside the tracking for December seems to be ok so far.

The move to Spain created some extra costs, but still managable. Booking the pre-xmas vacation cost a bit more, but it’s only once a year and I’ll get parts of it back.

The overall situation is ok right now, but I’m still overspending massively.


Long distance relationships are always hard, but we are holding up really good.

The new job is good, although the company is a bit chaotic and I currently don’t see how things can work at all.

I love Barcelona. And it’s the perfect place for skateboarding.

The “live on a boat”-plan also is looking very good.


Enjoy my long xmas-vacation. Probably the last longer break for a long time. Talk with her about how to handle the distance better.

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