Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals

I am experimenting with getting up earlier. Again.

The Plan

The plan sounds very simple:

  • 07:00 Alarm goes off
  • Do a tiny bit of meditiation or relaxation, just a few minutes
  • Get out of bed, quick trip to the bathroom, and brush my teeth
  • Write an update into my little red book
  • Open up my laptop, no email, no chat, no facebook

  • Check and finish my flexible spending tracking for the day before
  • Jot down a quick list of things I want to do during this hour - or what is left of it
  • Work through that list
  • 08:00 Another alarm goes off (finish by pure coincidence happend exactly as I write this line)
  • Jump under the shower
  • 08:15 Yet another alarm
  • Get out of the bathroom if I’m still in there
  • Have some breakfast - usually this is just a coffee
  • Check chat, mail, facebook if I want
  • 08:30 Final alarm goes of
  • Leave for work
  • Arrive at work early, fresh and motivated

Today, Day 1

Just to give you an example how this worked on the first day

  • 07:00 Alarm goes off
  • Quick trip to the bathroom
  • Back into bed
  • Do a quick relaxation
  • Check chat, check facebook
  • Get out of bed
  • Write an update into my little red book
  • Check my flexible spending for yesterday
  • Start writing this post
  • It’s already 08:04 and I’m still writing
  • Will jump into the shower now - and do an update tomorrow

Update 1:

Obviously I did go straight to the bathroom, but check my facebook memories first…

Ended up sitting down for breakfast at 08:42.

Leaving my flat at 09:15

Day 2

  • 07:00 Alarm goes off
  • Set time for 30 more minutes of sleep
  • 07:10 Get up anyway, trip to the bathroom
  • 07:12 Quick 6 minute meditation
  • 07:20 Get up again, Brush my teeth
  • 07:30 Start writing into my little red book
  • 07:35 Quick list of things I want to do now – Write this update – Work a little on the game
  • 07:40 Start writing this update (will cheat and add some more lines after I’m done). Setting my time for 25 minutes, since I’m already behind schedule
  • 07:43 Start to work on the game
  • 08:05 Alarm goes off. Done ;)
  • Cheating a little and write this
  • 08:10 Quick shower, Coffee, Leave the house

So far this seems to be working mostly ok. Will do it for some time and then write another post about it in the future.

Update 2:

Day 3

Really solid. Managed to stick to the plan.

Day 4+

Went on vacation mode and stopped the rituals for a while. It’s January 2nd today and I’m just getting started again.

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