December 2016



Started doing Morning Rituals which I managed to stick to until my vacation started.

Also did the the November 2016 status update.


Managed to track the first half of the month until my vacation started.

855.87 was a bit high for half a month, but considering it was December I think that’s ok.

I didn’t track during my vacation, but the snowboarding trip was spread over four persons and my share should be around 500.

The two weeks after that were pretty cheap.

So all in all I didn’t overspent too much. I’m on a 1500 limit for flexible spending and hit around that.

Will start better tracking now.


The long distance relationship switched to a “closed quarters” relationship for the holidays, which brings totally different difficulties, but it’s going really well so far.

The new job started to show it’s ugly side in the days before my vacation. Will need to figure out how to move on once I’m back at the office next week.

I still love Barcelona. Living on a boat from next week will just make things better.


Enjoy the last days of vacation.
Move back to Barcelona.
Improve my tracking; And reduce my spending.
See how our relationship evolves.

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