January 2013


I wrote a post about Changes and a hard time giving you a at least a tiny bit of inside about what is going on in my life right now.


My tracking totally broke down this month,

so My confidence in my numbers is ~75% :(.

Flexible spending was 1375.00, but I fear there are about 700–1200 missing.

Weeks were: 254, 504, 159, 428, 118 (not including the missing amount).

I spent around 1300 (including the missing amount) on a short trip to scotland,

including a much needed check-up at my therapist.

I also invested some money into the old flat,

so I can sublet it starting from Febuary.

Somehow I kept going on my last reserves, but things are getting really tight.

I started the new job, which incurred some costs, but will keep me going in the future.


I signed the contract for the new job on the 24th, which was my first day of work;

And became really sick (bad flu) on the next day,

so my next day of work was the 31st.

At least they took it easy.

I found a new place to stay and will sign the contract for it pretty soon.

Slightly over budgetm but if I survive the first two month

everything should be ok.


Survive the next two month.

Move into the new place.

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