December 2014


Just the monthly status. Nothing else.


I failed horribly.

December is always a bad month,

but this time it was really bad.

Flexible spending in December was around 1835

Weeks were: 132, 702, 382, 243, 375.

(And that’s not including the snowboarding trip that I borrowed from a friend.)

That included

  • a lot of DIY for renovating/furnishing the new flat.
  • flight tickets.
  • therapy.
  • xmas presents.
  • new clothes.
  • a wedding gift.
  • quite a few cab rides.

No clue what my fixed spending was,

but I’ll try to figure that out later.

Post tax income was 5316 (including a nice xmas bonus).

This is bad.


I lost my girlfriend.

Well, not completely, but we broke up.

Kind of.

I’m not sure.

But she thinks we are not a couple anymore.

She wants to stay friends.

Will see how that goes.

My health seems to be stable,

even if all the bad things currently happening would have pushed me into a really dark place just a year ago.

I guess I am stronger.


Reduce spending! (But January already looks bad as I write this.)

Figure out my fixed spending. (I believe I reduced it a lot, but believing is not knowing.)

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